The Essential Oil Diffuser Pen – Healthy Vaporizing?

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January 31, 2018 Anna 10 Comments

Aromatherapy has been around for a very long time, and has come a long way since then, in terms of various technology and ways that essential oils are utilized for therapeutic benefits and well-being. Gaining a large popularity among us today, there are many different products, related to essential oils and types of diffusers.

The latest buzz on the market is the essential oil diffuser “pen” or “portable aromatherapy diffuser stick”, which is basically a vaporizer device for essential oils and even some vitamins. These diffuser pens were created for convenience, giving the ability to experience therapeutic or “paleo” air wherever you are. They come in a variety of blends in relation to the “mood” that you want to achieve, whether you want to de-stress, gain energy, or focus, and so on.
So how do they work? are they safe? We will discuss these essential oil “vaporizers” and if they are any good.

What the Diffuser Pen is All About

The portable essential oil diffuser pens have taken aromatherapy to a whole new level, and are said to give the experience of the most direct form of therapeutic air, since the vapor/oils are absorbed into the body at a quicker rate than just breathing them in, when diffused into the air. 

How It Works

The device consists of a blend of essential oils and vegetable glycerin. When breathing it in, it creates a suction on the device that heats up the aromatherapy liquid which then turns it into a mist (water vapour) and carbon dioxide along with the aromatic compounds of the essential oils. This is done by simply taking the device, drawing into the mouth, and than expelling the vapor out from the nose. This is the most effective way to get the best therapeutic experience since it allows the oils to pass along the olfactory glands, rather than inhaling into the lungs.

These aromatherapy diffusers do NOT contain any sort of nicotine, tobacco or any other chemicals – just natural ingredients (essential oils, and vegetable glycerin). For proper use, it is recommended to take a just a couple puffs a few times a day.

Unlike smoking (where the substance is burned and inhaled), there is no combustion during the heating process of the contents, there is only water vapor (similar to steam) that is released, so it is not smoking.


Corked essential oil pen

The Corked diffuser pens  include a variety of essential oil blends (based on mood enhancement) that are all 100% natural, vegan and organic, obtained from companies based in the U.S. All of their blends are even infused with vitamin B12 to enhance the benefits. Each pen is $20 and bundle packs are also available.

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Monq diffuser

The Monq personal diffuser has a nice colorful, sleek design with a jewel on one end for extra flare. These pens contain 100% natural and organic essential oils harvested from eco friendly farms around the world. They have 10 different blends: some are based on emotions, such as “zen”, “happy”, “active”.. three of the essential oil blends are based on forest therapy. each pen costs $20, along with bundle packs that are also available.

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What are the Benefits and are They Safe?

The technique of vaporization has been in existence across many civilizations, dating back to the 5th century B.C in Egypt, and was used for healing benefits and various medical purposes.

Today, essential oils and aromatherapy are used for the same therapeutic benefits including stimulation of the mind and balancing the mood. The benefits of these include stress/anxiety reduction, ease of depression, boosting energy and cognitive performance, relieving headaches, improving circulation, inducing sleep, and more. So, using the essential oil diffuser pen may help to alleviate some of these issues. Although it is said that the oils can be absorbed faster by “vaporizing” them directly, it may not necessarily be the most effective in achieving every result you may be looking for.

What People are Saying About It

There appears to be quite a lot of positive feedback from people that have tried these diffuser pens, and some claim that they help to relax, calm down or help to relieve their anxiety. Others say that they feel like they get a little boost (of energy) or feel refreshed. Others like the “taste” that they get from the various blends. It all depends on the person (possibly even their mindset), as to whether or not they might “feel” or get anything from the essential oil vaporizers. It’s not necessarily going to work for everyone.

I think it is also a convenient way to experience aromatherapy directly, without having to use an ultrasonic diffuser or having to carry around a bottle of essential oil and opening it up to inhale the scent.

Monq diffuser
Photo by Bronwyn Knight

In terms of any concerns for complete safety while using the diffuser pens, it’s not 100% conclusive that there arn’t any negatives. Although using them more than the recommended amounts, may result in mouth dryness or throat irritation. There is an uncertainty about what’s happening to the oils when they are heated, since their chemistry changes with certain levels of heat.

One thing that is known for sure, is that when vegetable glycerin (which is the base used for the blends in the essential oil diffuser pens) is heated to more than 536 degrees Fahrenheit, a substance known as acrolein is produced, which is a carcinogen and known respiratory irritant. Although the Corked, and Monq diffusers do not heat up to that extent (the Monq device heats the liquid to only 215 degrees), it is still important to be aware of, and always do a bit of research on different items/brands that one might be looking into, as well as making sure all ingredients are natural and organic.

Can These Diffuser Pens Potentially Help Smokers Quit?

In this day and age holistic health is booming and it seems a lot of people have become more health conscious about what they are putting in their bodies, whether it is diet, quitting smoking etc..There have been studies that show, using certain essential oils in aromatherapy can aid in quitting smoking/reducing the cravings etc.. But can these essential oils vaporizer pens help quit smoking? Some people do better quitting cold – turkey, others by doing it slowly, decreasing the amount of nicotine, or switching to vaporizers/e-cigs that contain less nicotine and are presumably “healthier” than smoking.

Making the Transition
Essential oil vaporizer pen
Photo by Monq

The diffuser pens have some concerns as to whether they may be a gateway to smoking, but if it could help a smoker to quit by “distracting them” and using something that isn’t harmful (like nicotine and chemicals are), then why not?

There is some research that found that e-cigs do have a role in helping people quit, so maybe the natural vaporizer method could potentially help. Even if they slowly make their way from cigarettes, to the nicotine vaporizers, than finally to the essential oil diffuser pens that are free of all nicotine and other harmful chemicals, that would be a big positive. Plus, anyone trying to quit would still get that habitual “hand-to-mouth” action as they would with a regular cigarette. Again, this may work for some, and not for others, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try.

We All Need to Take a Moment

If you are working, exercising, stressed, tired, or come across various obstacles, you always needs a little moment in the day to relax, energize, and get yourself together again. Whether the essential oil diffuser pen is right for you, (or another aromatherapy method), a cup of tea/coffee, reading a book, or taking a nap, its always nice to be able to have some kind of pick me up that may give benefit, to get through the day. The essential oil diffuser pens are a new, innovative way to experience aromatherapy wherever you might be, and they may be just the thing you need, to relax and destress.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Corked Portable Aromatherapy

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10 People reacted on this

  1. I have a friend that is looking to quit smoking. They are looking for any alternative right now. I may recommend this diffuser pen to him. I’ll
    let you know how it goes.

  2. This is something I have been wondering about trying. I’m not sure I’m there yet but you have made me stop and consider this more.

  3. This looks really cool! I’m not a smoker but this looks like an addition to vaping and would be very beneficial for smokers wanting to quit! I’ll have to share your post, perhaps someone will find it useful.


    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, its definitely innovative! i’m also not a smoker, but would like to try these, since I use essential oils and diffuse them.

      Hopefully this is something that may help some smokers..I know some people who want to quit, so I may just get them to dry these diffusers and see if it helps them out.

  4. Hi,
    This is revolutionary! So, instead of burning such aromatherapy candles you are able to safely inhale such aromas into your body for a quicker effect?

    I can see how this kind of healthy vaporizing could aid in quiting smoking, of which, I am guilty of.

    I am assuming there are no side effects? What happens if you use it too much – does it make you feel funny or dizzy in anyway?

    To be honest, I have never heard of essential oil diffuser pens before, however, I am intrigued and eager to learn more.



    1. Hi Philip,

      Yes it’s quite interesting. I have yet to try them!
      Usually with aromatherapy using essential oils, they are diffused in an ultrasonic diffuser, where oils mixed with water are vaporized into the air and we intake that while breathing that “infused” air. Or essential oils can be applied topically to the body. For sure I think that using this “portable diffuser” enables quicker results than breathing in from the air, although not sure about the differences in effectiveness by using the pen or applying the oils topically on the skin (which enters quite quickly that way).

      I’m not quite sure of any side effects or what they may be, as far as the tests are, everything is safe, and the intake of the oils ect are dilute, so one doesn’t have to worry about potency, unless they have some allergy to some specific essential oil.

  5. I wonder if they help w migraines?? and also looking at the article promotes vitamin b12É is that an option because B12 are super good and efficient for losing weight… do you know where I can find theseÉ

    1. Hi Mari!

      Some of the blends in these may help to alleviate headaches or migraines – also depends on the person.. The corked diffuser pens and the Vitastiks have the vitamin b12 included in the blends..I have provided links within the article for them. Also, diffusing or topically applying certain essential oils (on the temples and nape of the neck) such as rosemary, lavender and peppermint are known to relieve headache pain. I like to use peppermint – it helps by creating a nice cooling effect.. Here is some extra info on using essential oils for headaches/migraines

      Hope that helps!

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