The Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser – Review

November 9, 2018 Anna 0 Comments

As you may know, or have seen, there are TONS of essential oil diffusers out there. Almost in every health or home store/section that you walk into now, you will come across a selection of aromatherapy diffusers and/or oils. The most common type of diffuser is the ultrasonic diffuser (which vaporizes water using ultrasonic vibrations).These are the ones that you will primarily see, as apposed to the nebulizing diffusers.

As I have already mentioned, there are so many various brands and choices for diffusers these days, (not to mention the ones online), it can be difficult to really know what is actually good quality and will be dependable. In this post I would like to review the Vitruvi essential oil diffuser – one that I have purchased a little while back.

Vitruvi Diffuser – Is It Worth It?

Photo by: Vitruvi

I came across Vitruvi online (a Canadian based company from Vancouver) a couple years ago, and decided to try their essential oils (I have a review on their oils here). I ended up really liking their oils as they are super affordable and great quality.

As I continued to use Vitruvi’s oils, I kept looking at the beautiful stone diffuser they had on their site. As the price tag was a bit hefty compared to many other random diffusers, I hesitated for a while. Finally, I decided I had to have it, since it looked so nice, so I ordered one.


They have two choices for the Vitruvi diffuser – It comes in white or black (I chose white). The diffusers are made from handcrafted stone, with a matte ceramic finish, and on the inside is a BPA-free plastic reservoir. It comes with a nice long 6ft power cord so you don’t have to worry about having it super close to your outlet. It holds 100 ml of water and is said to cover/diffuse up to 538.19 ft² of space. The diffuser has 2 different run-time modes: a three hour non-stop, and a 30 second interval for 7 hours. It will auto shut-off when time is up, or water runs out.

What I Think About Vitruvi’s Diffuser

I love that the Vitruvi diffuser has a simple, yet sleek and modern design, made from quality materials, and it ads as an extra decor piece in the home – it goes with anything, really. It doesn’t look cheap, like many of the diffusers out there that typically have a plastic exterior.


I feel the diffuser works best in smaller spaces/areas – I keep it in my bedroom not far from my bed and use it there. It is actually great if you want to use it while you are sleeping because the diffuser runs super quietly! So noise while sleeping is not an issue at all! All you can pretty much hear is a faint trickling of water, which can be kind of soothing. Also, the diffuser has a cosy LED “night light” around the bottom, should you choose to have a bit of ambient light in your space.

One thing I do find though, is when using the 3 hour mode it will automatically shut off at 3 hours and there will still be about half a cm to a cm of water left in the reservoir, which is a bit annoying, although you can either turn it on again and let the remaining bit run out (it will automatically shut off when water runs out), or just add more water to that.

Photo by: Vitruvi

The company provides a 1 year limited warranty for the diffuser, as long as the machine has been used properly. As well, the customer service at Vitruvi is fantastic – they even have an online chat so you can ask them any questions as you’re browsing their products! As well, there are a number of reviews regarding the stone diffuser or anything else on the Vitruvi website.


Buy From Vitruvi

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All in all, the Vitruvi essential oil diffuser is a good quality product. It looks great and runs nice and quiet, while providing the benefits of aromatherapy and purifying the air around you, with the use of essential oils.

If you are looking for a quality diffuser that is dependable and will last, then I believe this diffuser is worth the purchase. Should you choose to purchase from Vitruvi, I have provided a special code ( vitruviXannato ) to use, that will get you %15 off your order.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!

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